Friday, July 26, 2013

Lazy days of Summer!

Hello Whimsyboppers!
   Where have I been? Well, I've decided to enjoy the lazy days of summer before school begins in a few more weeks which includes spending more time with my family and less time on the computer.
   Summer is winding down but the excitement continues at our house where Brian, our 15 year old is now driving with a learner's permit (which is almost as thrilling as a roller coaster ride), and our daughter Autumn has been busy purchasing items for her college dorm (she is soooo excited!). My husband has a great tan from mowing the lawn and keeping the yard gorgeous, and my mom's beautiful vegetable garden is keeping us all healthy and well fed.
    I wish you all happy and restful summer days full of wonderful times spent with those you love most. Please visit Whimsybop in a few weeks when we're all refreshed and ready to pick up where we left off! Blessings, TJ


  1. My summer was pretty awesome starting with Josh graduating then his 18th birthday in the park, my nephew & his little family & my brother visiting, my dad's 92nd birthday celebration, a trip to Wild Waves with my daughter & 2 friends, a weekend on Guemes Island with some friends at their rustic cabin, attending my high school's 100th birthday celebration, spending a day at Creation Fest, a day trip to Mt. Rainier with my son, a parade in a small nearby city, a camping trip to Deception Pass State Park and wrapping it up with taking a new job at a school closer to home to oversee my daughter as she attends school at home through the internet. The weather was super this summer which really lifts my spirits. Thanking God for such a wonderful time this summer.

  2. Mocha Momma - sounds like you had a busy but wonderful summer full of good memories! Thanks for making Whimsybop part of your summer! :)


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