Sunday, October 13, 2013

My essential "non-essential"

   Hello Whimsyboppers! I'll bet you've been wondering where I've been! Long story short: I've been doing chores - and lots of them! You see, my husband is one of those "non-essential" U.S. government employees who is currently on furlough, (don't get me started on THAT!). What this means for the Foster household is that the man of the house does NOT sit around! Since day one he has been busy doing various chores and projects around the house and I, his trusty sidekick have been doing my best to keep up with him!
   After giving the front porch a good scrubbing on his first day home, (which took an entire day), he took on the hedges the next day and won - now no more "peek-a-boo" to see the front of the house!

Breaking in our new hammock after a hard day's work!
   Besides doing LOTS of yard work he has stripped, sanded and painted, hung a closet door and made a beautiful cabinet door to match! He finished hanging the trim in two recently renovated rooms, cleaned his toolshed, made numerous trips to the landfill, changed the oil in his truck and finally caught the little critter who has been trespassing in my mom's garden!  The government may call him a "non-essential" worker but he is definitely essential around here, and I do believe that this old house would fall apart without him! (Thanks honey!)


  1. I am swooning over the color of your porch! Gorgeous!!

    1. Why, thank you Queenie! We're looking forward to spring when we can get out there and enjoy it before the mosquitoes take over in the summer! Thanks for stopping by friend!


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