Monday, March 3, 2014


   Last night before I went to bed I called my teenage son over and read to him (from my laptop) that school was cancelled on account of an imminent snow storm that was predicted to hit our small town. Naturally he was excited to the bone, I however had my doubts since weather predictions are sort of hit or miss in our part of the country. I went to bed aloof and was utterly shocked this morning to awake to blustery swirls of the white stuff flying through the air in a mad frenzy in the space between dirt and the heavens.
   In a mad panic I jumped out of bed and donned layers of flannel, wool and fleece. I trotted downstairs, grabbed my car keys and rushed to the post office (after sweeping snow off the car) with a package of doodles that I promised would be mailed today. While out, I made a quick stop to stuff-mart and bought the typical snow storm necessities: milk, bread and toilet paper (wouldn't want to be snowed in without those!). When I arrived home, I parked the car close to the road (in case we were REALLY snowed in), put the windshield wipers up (so they wouldn't freeze to the glass) and walked up the driveway to the house where warmth and the smell of hot coffee greeted me. Ahh, a warm & cozy house with nothing to do but doodle all day - how divine!
   Here's the scene looking out my window from my drawing table - it looks like Narnia doesn't it? Inside this boxwood garden is where we enjoy bonfires during the chilly nights of late summer and autumn (oh what I would give for a s'more right now). In snow storms such as this we need to keep an eye on the boxwoods - too much snow will cause the branches to break.
   I wasn't brave enough to go out and play in the snow today but my son was. Last year  Brian's snow sculptures of "Shaggy & Scooby-Doo" were the talk of the town - this year he decided to make "Olaf," the fun snow man from Disney's newest animated movie "Frozen."
Speaking of frozen, did I mention that our home is cold and drafty, partly due to the single pane windows that are probably as old as the house? Oh well, I love our old gal and wouldn't trade her for the world (as I sit here with a hat & scarf, four layers of shirts, two layers of sweat pants and two pairs of slippers over my socks). I'm quite a sight to behold on the outside, but am warm and content on the inside as I enjoy the undeserved blessings that the good Lord has bestowed upon me. May you also find warmth and contentment on this chilly and most wonderful frozen day the Lord has made!


  1. I love your house, but it sounds pretty cold. Are all of your fireplaces going? Better stoke those fires girlfriend! Stay warm.

    1. No, Mocha Momma - seven fireplaces in the house and none of them have been used since we've moved in, (old chimneys scare me).


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