Friday, February 22, 2013

My Urine Specimen Collection: Measure of Sanity

   Yes, I went there - to that place between sanity and going off the deep end when I decided to collect something REALLY different, (why yes, I have been called eccentric once or twice in my life, but by people who are more touched than I am so it doesn't really count). I can't help it, there are some things that just crack me up so much that I need to bring them home and share them with others to make their lives a little brighter. I am the errand girl of this joy - what can I say, it's a gift. This urine speciman bottle was one of those all-time GREAT finds that still puts a silly grin on my face, even years later.
   I bought it up in northern Virginia at a junk shop just off the beaten path. I decided not to give a "show and tell" for my family right away because it needed something inside of it to make it a little more shocking. I thought and thought about it for a few days and came up with "Joy" dishwashing liquid - it was the perfect shade of golden.
   For the biggest kick I had to display it somewhere besides the bathroom - because everyone would expect to see it THERE! I chose the place where you'd least expect it: in the kitchen where food preparation takes place, right there beside the sink. Oh, it was beautiful the way the sunlight came through the kitchen window and through that bottle, highlighting the embossed words "Urine Speciman Bottle." I was satisfied.
   Of course, my family didn't think it was too weird after all (I guess they're used to me), but all other visitors to our home gave me just the reaction I was looking for...and its been like April Fool's Day ever since!
    When we were moving my Mom out of her house she tried to give me her stash of Giant sized bottles of Dawn dishwashing soap to which I replied, "No thanks Mom, I'm a JOY girl!" (and I still am).


  1. You shock and awe girl! You have only changed your method not your madness. LOL

  2. What can I say - some folks mature with age...and then there's the rest of us.


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