Monday, February 18, 2013

My Chinese Checker Board Collection: The thrill of the hunt!

 I can't tell you how excited I get each and every time I prepare myself to go to a big flea market -like the one held twice a year in Hillsville, Virginia,
   The night before I remove all of the seats out of the minivan, (yes, my minivan is old), and gas it up, as well as take a wad of cash out of the ATM. I check the weather report and make sure that I dress appropriately, (I usually dress in layers and wear comfy shoes). I pack snacks, water, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and extra shopping bags into a douffle bag/backpack. 
   I usually wake up when it's still dark, way before my alarm goes off because I'm THAT excited! I make coffee & toast bagels for the road then wake my sleeping daughter, who has been my shopping sidekick since she was a toddler and makes my day so much more fun! When we arrive at our destination, fight for a parking space and put the car in park, butterflies are going nuts in my stomach, (maybe because I need to hit the port-a-potty after all that coffee). We slam doors and don our sunglasses and are off to that sweet spot where fascinating folk await us in the hunting grounds of all things wacky and wonderful!
   It's always a good idea to keep a shopping list with you just in case you forgot you were collecting something. Having measurements and carrying a tape measure is a good idea too. I've been in search of vintage tin game boards for the last few years - and refuse to pay more than $20 bucks for one, (which adds to the thrill of the hunt). I still have a lot more space to fill on our game room walls, so it's a good thing that I'm a patient gal!
   At the end of the day, with a van full of booty, tired feet and sometimes a farmer's tan, we head for home, (treating ourselves to a milkshake and a Chik-fila sandwich along the way).
   The grand finale is the "Show and Tell" that we give to my husband and son who do their best to pretend that they're interested in our stories of bartering and such. The greatest thrill of all is finding a place for our newest treasures...and taking a long hot bath before getting a well deserved sleep! 

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